Hello, I'm Huiling.

I help people and businesses scope out ideas, run experiments and refine their strategies. 

I do consulting work for early-stage startups and SMBs, across digital transformation, business and product strategy.  I am also co-founder of a tech solutions agency that develops tech for clients.

My values are my north star. I also work on projects that help to progress industries and drive social impact. 


I optimise for learning and growth. Having had a professional path that some may say is rather unusual for its non-linear nature, I have collected experience and knowledge across functions & domains (strategy & commercialisation, sales & business development, user research, policy & regulation, community building) and industries (tech, legal & professional services, non-profit). 

My myriad experiences have helped me build versatility, adaptability and cross-functionality. Beyond that, I’ve learned to quickly grasp the bird’s eye view of new projects and see how everything weaves into the big picture.

ON Work

After spending time collecting mental notes from speaking to aspiring founders or those in the tech space, I’ve noticed one common gap is a need for greater clarity on strategy and on learning from execution. After all, the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

I’ve found it fulfilling and stimulating to engage in consulting work for early-stage startups and businesses, where aspiring founders are usually in the thick of things and have no bandwidth to check the rear-view mirrors, prepare for dangers round the bend, and most importantly, assess whether they are even on the right road.

Huiling Xie 

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